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Sharpening Services

Hancock Tool Co. utilizes precision CNC equipment and a dedicated staff committed to quality, Hancock Tool Company has built a reputation for doing some of the finest quality work available today.

Saw Sharpening

Test StandSaw blades are cleaned and Inspected for run out using a precision test stand, We are one of the few shops in the country that checks for run out on this type of stand.

After straightening the plate to within +/- .001”, the blade is inspected for broken tips, and repaired as necessary, using the proper grade and style of tip.

Saw GrinderBlades are then sharpened on the same type of precision machinery used in the manufacturing process. We use the latest in super-abrasive grinding wheel technology including quad grit wheels for a mirror finish, which gives you a sharper, longer lasting cutting edge. This is the only process capable of producing satisfactory cuts in many plastics.

Solid Carbide Spirals

We sharpen all types of solid carbide spirals for CNC applications including compression spirals. We flute these tools whenever possible on our CNC tool grinder, to maintain hook angles and like new performance.

Router bits

Profile and straight router bits are sharpened on heavy equipment for vibration free grinding with superfine wheels and coolant.

Shaper Cutters

Shaper Cutters are sharpened on our 4-axis CNC tool and cutter grinder for precise wing to wing indexing, a mirror finish, and a super sharp cutting edge. Stile and Rail sets are test cut upon request and shimmed and refit as necessary.

Boring Bits

Line boring and hinge bits are re-sharpened to maintain spur height and geometry using specially designed wheels to fit each different diameter. Replacements are on hand for bent or broken bits.


We sharpen inserts by lap grinding the entire surface and removing only enough material to restore the edge, typically only .002 to .004 thousands of an inch.Then polish to a mirror finish.